We have two selections of sound files that you can download. Though these recordings were made in 1998, they are reasonably representative of our sound today except we've gained extra sonic dimension and drive; extended our instrumentation/line-up too. Book us to see/hear the difference !!

The first group are complete tracks in MP3 format that play as streaming audio, with a choice of three different sample rates:  LoRes (24 Kbps stereo); MidRes (64 Kbps stereo); HiRes (128 Kbps stereo). File sizes vary according to sample rate these are shown in the Flash Player below. It is suggested that if you have a dialup modem connection you choose LoRes:

In the event that you're unable to play the above files, the following are recorded in WAV format, and almost any PC should be able to play these without difficulty by just clicking on an image! Again the file sizes are shown in the table. Note: these are incomplete tracks (as would otherwise be HUGE) !!

NOTE: If you have problems succeeding using the above directions, try saving these files to disk instead of downloading/playing them simultaneously. For PC users, right-click a file and select "Save Target As..." to transfer it first.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  All samples are from Traditional tunes arranged by the band   Candleford Ceilidh Band 1998. Downloads may only be made in the understanding that no public performance of these recorded works will be made by any recipient or third party thereof.

Just click on the music . . .


577 KB

Fateful Head

418 KB

The Irish One

469 KB

The Jolly Beggarman

317 KB

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