What is a ceilidh ?

A ceilidh or barn dance is simply a dance party with traditional folk music. It is suitable for all ages and, although the dances are generally quite lively, there will be some suited to the very old or young. The movements may often be made by walking, but it's more fun to dance/step to the tunes. The dancing does not require any experience because a 'caller' explains or demonstrates each dance first it's easy ! That's why a ceilidh is so good for weddings or gatherings where people are brought together and wish to share a "fun" experience.

A ceilidh venue could be anything from a school or village hall, hotel, country house, garden or marquee, zoo, castle or barn. We normally allow four hours for a ceilidh which would provide a food break and time for a raffle or speeches. While we play instrumental tunes, we also supply a range of background music for intervals. We have found that fifty people is a good starting point as some people will want to rest and chat between dances - our sound system can cope with large public halls so don't feel you have to stop there !

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